Dehumidification And The Water Restoration Process

Water is essential for life, but it is one of the most destructive natural forces out there. Flooding can create a real problem when it comes to maintaining the structural stability of your home. Exposure to flood waters saturates wood and upholstery, damages drywall, and fuels mold and mildew growth. Water restoration professionals have a wide range of tools at their disposal to help eliminate excess water from your home and restore the residence to a livable state. Read More 

Why You Need A Professional For Services After A House Fire

Going through a house fire is an event that most people work to avoid, but it is something that happens to some people. If you are going through this event, it is vital for you to hire a company that offers fire damage restoration services for help. Companies like this know what they are doing and can help you restore your home and possessions to the condition these things were in before the fire ever occurred. Read More 

3 Signs Your Fiber Cement Siding Is In Distress

Exterior siding is an important part of your home's curb appeal and value, but it is also an important layer of protection between the outside world and the home's interior. Because of this, your siding will experience a great deal of stress over time. If you have fiber cement siding, you may think it will last forever, but that is not necessarily true. Fiber cement does require updating, especially if you do not maintain it well or your local climate experiences harsh weather. Read More 

Where Will You Find Mold In Your House?

Mold is a significant issue for people buying and renovating homes and businesses. Other times, homeowners happen upon mold that has developed inside the home without notice. The truth is that many of the most common places where mold develops are not common places to look. If you have not checked your home for mold recently, now is the perfect time to check out these mold hot spots. Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks Read More 

Don’t Take Chances: 3 Things You Should Toss Out After A Fire

If you've recently suffered a fire in your home, and you've started the cleanup process, you're probably hoping to be able to salvage as much as possible. You might think that anything that escaped fire damage would be safe to hold onto, but that's not actually true. The fact is that many of the things inside your home will need to be discarded after a fire, even if they didn't sustain burn damage. Read More