4 Benefits Of Having Your Bathtub Refinished

The bathtub is a focal point of most bathrooms, but unfortunately, over time a bathtub can become discolored, chipped, and difficult to clean no matter what cleaners are used. When a bathtub becomes dingy and old, many homeowners think that it will need to be replaced. In reality, most bathtubs can be restored to their former beauty by being refinished. Some of the top reasons to have your bathtub refinished instead of replacing it include: Read More 

4 Factors That Affect How You Clean Clothes After A Fire

If you suffered a house fire, you may wonder if you need a specialist to clean your clothing. While many people assume they can clean their clothing on their own, it can be more difficult than you think. There are several factors that affect how you should approach cleaning clothing after a fire. Experts have experience with the following four factors, making it easier for them to create a cleaning plan for your clothing: Read More 

Older Home Restoration Issues: 3 Foundation Problems That Cause Serious Structural Problems

As structures of homes age, problems will begin to surface. Some of the issues with your old home will need small repairs, such as replacing rotten wood or other maintenance repairs. More serious issues like settling foundations, failing supports or storm damage require more work and are costlier to repair. Dealing with foundation problems that cause structural damage is a common issue when renovating older homes. Here are some of the foundation problems that cause structural damage: Read More 

3 Warning Signs of a Foundation Leak

Foundation leaks are an extremely serious plumbing problem, in which water is able to seep into your foundation where it can cause cracking and shifting. This can result in severe structural damage that can manifest itself in a number of different places throughout your home. Thankfully, there are a number of early warning signs that you can keep an eye out for to help determine when your home may be experiencing a foundation leak so that you can contact a professional to fix the problem before it becomes serious. Read More 

FAQ About Selecting A Gear Pump

Gear pumps are vital to fluid transfers in various machinery, including power tools and engines. There are several types of pumps available and choosing the right one for your particular application can sometimes be challenging. To help you make the right decision, here is what you need to know.   What Features Should You Look For? There are differences between the different types of gear pumps that help determine which ones you need for your application. Read More